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Vampire Diares 3x21 Promos

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Vampire Diaries 3x20 Song List

Ep 20 'Do Not Go Gentle'

Blind Pilot - "We Are The Tide"
Caro Emerald - "That Man"
Sinead O'Connor - "You Do Something To Me"
Helen Forrest - "The Man I Love"
The Fray - "Be Still"
Daughter - "Medicine"

Alarics fate & 10 Things To Come...

matt-davis-alaric-tvd.jpgFirst off: Please don't read this article if you haven't yet seen this week's decade dance episode of "The Vampire Diaries." Go watch it, then come back, and we can all hold hands and share our feelings in the comments section. There will be spoilers after this paragraph.

The show always delivers when it comes to the dance episodes; they're always packed with romance and death and drama and trauma. "Do Not Go Gentle" was no exception to that as we said an emotional goodbye to Alaric (Matt Davis) -- and then were abruptly introduced to his darkest, most violent alter-ego.

The Alaric we knew and loved is dead and gone, unfortunately -- "The Vampire Diaries" producers aren't the type to give him such a powerful, emotional send-off only to bring him back a few episodes later. We're going to have to get used to the twisted, Original vampire version of him that we saw in the final moments of tonight's hour. 

He will be an important part of the next two episodes. Despite having been filming his pilot,"Cult," in Vancouver during filming, Davis managed to get back in time to complete all of his scenes for Season 3.

"He's pretty clearly a badass vampire killer with a pretty magnificent, deadly, and unburnable stake," executive producer Julie Plec says. "I definitely think he's going to be a conflict-provider; not to make it an understatement. He's not going to be the friendliest version of Alaric we've ever met. He's pretty hardcore, which is going to be equally exciting and devastating, because he's one of our heroes who is no longer one of our heroes."

Esther revealed that though Original Alaric is technically a vampire, he's not immortal. He'll die after he killed off the Originals. That said, Esther is no longer a factor, and Alaric's fate could change over the course of the next two episodes. So where does that leave the chances for Davis to return in Season 4?

Obviously, if "Cult" is picked up, that will be Davis's first priority, but we're told that Alaric's fate in the finale is ambiguous enough that he could possibly return for guest appearances in Season 4. Additionally, sources at The CW tell us that "Cult" is in contention for mid-season, not a fall premiere, which may leave Davis more time to travel to Atlanta.

The potential for a return shouldn't reduce the impact of tonight's incredible quasi-funeral scene, though. We didn't think "The Vampire Diaries" would ever be able to top last year's funeral for Jenna and letter from John, but that rare scene with most of the series regulars, without any dialogue, was one of the most moving sequences of the series.

"I love those scenes, I really do," Michael Trevino says. "Even when there's scenes with that many people with dialogue, it's just awesome to be on, because we barely are in scenes all together. We just see each other in hair and makeup or in our dressing rooms. That was very emotional."

"You could feel it," adds Zach Roerig. "You could really feel it."
matt-davis-ian-somerhalder-tvd.jpg"That one scene was the most important scene in the entire episode for me," Plec says. She tells us that the producers in Atlanta wanted it cut, because it had no dialogue, but required a lot of money and work (and some acrobatic scheduling) to get everyone into play. "I don't do this very often, where I pitch the 'I'm the boss; shut up' fit, but I was just like, 'Guys, I'm telling you, this is the heart and soul of this episode, and one of the heart and soul moments of the season, and it's going to stand, so figure it out.' And they did. They always do."

As for the rest of the season... here are ten things to expect going into the next two episodes.

1. No one is safe. Plec added "if they're lucky enough to survive the season" when discussing the future of every single character.

2. Meredith isn't going to disappear just because Alaric is gone. "I think that every town needs a nice pretty doctor, and Damon might need a new drinking buddy," Plec says. In the books, Meredith and Elena were close, so there's potential there, too. "I do think that as a caretaker and as a compassionate human being, she and Elena will probably have a bond that could develop into a nice friendship."

3. We will discover which Original sired "Scary Mary" and is thus the bloodline ancestor of the Salvatores, Katherine, and Caroline. 

4. Expect some fireworks between Tyler and Klaus when Tyler reveals that the sire bond is broken. "Tyler finally sticks up for himself," says Michael Trevino. "He's tired of getting bitched around and he acts on it. It gets messy."

5. Last season, the big sacrifice happened in Episode 21, and the season finale was about emotional fall-out. This year, the action continues straight on through to the end. "Our story path kept us going at high-octane all the way to the end," says Plec. "Definitely I would say the penultimate is very, very adrenaline-infused. There are some big mythology moves that happen and it's a pretty big deal, whereas the finale is definitely more emotional, but it is by no means the epilogue to the season. It's half closing the door to one season and half blowing the lid off the next."

6. Stefan and Damon will continue to grow closer to each other even as Elena makes her choice between them. "They will get stronger instead of weaker as brothers in spite of this looming conflict, this looming decision," Plec says. "There's a really nice scene in next week's episode that shows that they might just survive this no matter how it plays out, and that when all is said and done... bros before hos. The cliche is that the girl tears them apart, so how can we let the girl bring them even closer together?"

7. Having lost Alaric, Elena will have even more trouble choosing between the brothers. She feels she's choosing which one of them to let go, not which one of them to hold onto. "She has no one, and she's lost everyone that ever mattered to her -- almost everyone -- and how do you choose, in a moment like that?" Plec says. "For the last two episodes of the season, the fall out is going to be about her asking herself that question and really trying to understand how she could possibly let one of them go when she's already lost so much."

8. Season 4 will chronicle the second half of the kids' senior year, so in addition to our usual vampire adventures, they'll be making choices about college and moving on from Mystic Falls. Though Plec tells us they won't all go to "Mystic University," she reminds us that Jenna attended school nearby, so there is a college within a reasonable distance.

9. Even though Esther was manipulating Alaric on the other side every time he died, that doesn't mean that Jeremy is now safe from his ring. "There's always going to be a concern of consequences for cheating death one too many times," Plec says. "The ring's going to stay in play for a while, because ultimately it's that coin toss of 'I can't be in the fray, fighting the good fight, if I can be killed, so you roll the dice.'"

10. Our girl Katherine will not return to Mystic Falls until Klaus is dead. Period.

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Esther Will Reveal Her Plan For Alaric

Alaric will be more powerful than ever on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries.
Last we saw Mr. Saltzman (Matt Davis), he and viewers were shocked to learn that Rebekah (Claire Holt) had her body taken over by Esther (Alice Evans). In Thursday's episode, Esther will be back as herself and our latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Bite, the very specific plan Esther has for Alaric and that ring of his. Plus: Which main character will be in mortal peril by the hour's end?

12 Teases For 3x20 And Beyond

Here are 12 teases for the final three episodes – and beyond – from the Vampire Diaries gang:
1.   Brotherly Compromise: In the episode airing next week, there is a sweet moment shared between Damon and Stefan, one that shows that though they may be in love with the same girl, “they might just survive this,” Plec teased. Ian Somerhalder recently revealed just what Plec was alluding to, saying that the Salvatore brothers decide that whoever Elena ultimately chooses will stay, while the other one will leave town.
2.   Stefan Revisits His Emotions: There are several key Stefan and Elena scenes in tomorrow night’s episode, though one is broken up by one of Mystic Falls’ favorite “villains.” In any case, it’s a big step for the once-happy couple. “It’s finally him saying to Elena, ‘It is OK to feel. I heard you all those times when you that. Now let me give that back to you'," Plec said.
3.   Caroline’s Multiple Suitors: If Caroline was in her current predicament (with Klaus and Tyler vying for her affections) in season one, she may have dealt with things far differently than she has. At the moment, Caroline – as it’s seen in Thursday’s episode – sticks with her gut and fends off Klaus’ advances at the dance, which ends up pissing off Tyler. “She is fighting like hell to have a normal relationship with her boyfriend in high school,” Accola said. Trevino added that Tyler just “might take some action” when it comes to Klaus in next week’s episode.
4.   Simpler Times: The finale will feature a glimpse into Elena’s life in simpler times, when vampires weren’t in the picture. But there will be a small nugget revealed. “It’s a small little runner that goes throughout the episode as Elena is looking back at a part of her life when things were more simple, at least from a supernatural level,” Plec said, who was adamant in saying that the incident that killed her parents was “an accident.” “We actually will get a little flash of something else during that happened during that time that we didn’t really consider and it’s more an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing.”
5.   On the Up and Up: Though Jeremy started the series on the wrong foot (drug issues and all), according to Plec, now that he’s back in Mystic Falls, “Jeremy is on the up.” So if there was any doubt or reason to believe he had ulterior motives with any developments (especially in regards to the Delena kiss), put them on the back burner – for now.
6.   Damon’s New Drinking Buddy: Dr. Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) could be sticking around past the third season, Plec said, even entertaining the fact that Meredith could become one of Damon’s new drinking buddies. Or perhaps more?
7.   Rebekah’s New Ally?: When posed the question of whether Rebekah will find someone who will stick by her side, Plec was coy, bringing up the May 10 season finale as a possible indicator of more to come on that end.
8.   Series Endgame Set: Plec revealed that she and executive producer Kevin Williamson set the series’ ending while writing the seventh episode of season two in an Atlanta mall. “We were tired and stressed and talked about the last character moments of the show and both started crying in the middle of the mall and just felt like that was right,” she recalled. Ideas as to what the lasting image could be?
9.   Shift in the Gilbert Household: After “Do Not Go Gentle” plays out, there may be a change in the Gilbert house – and it’s a doozy. We won’t reveal just how said change happens, but someone else may have to step up in a very big way.
10. Safe for Now: With Jeremy back home, will the ring have the same impact on him as it does on Alaric? Maybe, but maybe not. “It definitely means that the stakes of death and resuscitation are possibly not as intense for Jeremy as they were for Alaric,” Plec said. “It might not come in the form of Jekyll and Hyde alter-ego.” The rings will “be in play for awhile,” she also hinted.
11. Heading Off to College?: Season four will “take us through the rest of their final year in high school,” Plec says. “They’re making decisions about their future … Do I stay or do I go?” Will there be a Mystic University that pops up? “No, there will not be a Mystic U, although how great,” Plec said. “Grams taught at a nearby university and Jenna was getting her masters degree so there’s something out there that we’ll be introducing and seeing in season four.”
12. Matt and Elena, Not so Perfect: The finale episode spotlights the imperfect relationship Matt and Elena shared. “We get a nice little flash of when they were dating, that they were themselves a troubled relationship,” Plec said. “Even though she’s remembering a simpler time, her problems were just as complicated.”


3x20 'Do Not Go Gentle' Brings Stefan And Elena Closer

Every year, "The Vampire Diaries" throws a decade dance -- and every year, the tragic fall-out is worse than the last. Suffice to say, Zap2It just watched "Do Not Go Gentle"... and we totally cried. Per usual, we have to keep most details under wraps, but here are some fun details we can offer.

1. Stefan/Elena shippers... your time is now. As promised, the former lovebirds attend the dance together, and it serves as a good opportunity for them to address everything they've been through in the past year. Despite all the tragedy, these two really support each other throughout the episode. In that tearful photo of Elena, she's not crying because she's saying goodbye to Stefan -- in fact, by the end of this episode, their relationship is stronger than it's been all season.

2. With the vampires trapped at the dance, the humans have to take over the fight... but it doesn't go very well. Matt and Jeremy will point weapons at each other in this episode. Matt's got a gun, Jeremy's got a crossbow, and they'll find themselves in a face-off. It's pretty hot.

3. Bonnie and Jamie grow closer. They not only find time for a hot make-out session (interrupted by Damon, unfortunately) but Bonnie finds herself being vulnerable with Jamie after a year of trying to be strong for everyone.

4. Esther's betrayal pushes Klaus over the edge. If he's been a little soft lately -- what with the painting and the pining -- we'll see his dark, terrible side resurface by the end of the episode. He's going to scare us again.

5. The most powerful scene of the entire episode has no dialogue in it at all. If you want to prepare yourselves, download "Medicine" by Daughter. And then stock up on tissues. 

I have included the song "Medicine" by Daughter below...

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Julie Plec on the Delena Kiss, Caroline supports Team Stefan, and a twist on the Rebesther twist

Fans of The Vampire Diaries are still talking about last week’s epic Damon and Elena kiss and the motel ogling scene that started it off — which, regardless of whether they’re Team Delena or Team Stelena, they had to admit was hot. “I can’t speak for everybody else in this world, but when we were talking about what the scene needed to be in the writer’s room, we’ve all had those moments where you end up laying in bed in high school with a guy or a girl that you like, and you don’t know what’s gonna happen, you don’t know what it means, but all you know is that you’re infinitely aware of their proximity to you and every single move that they’re making and every single breath that’s being breathed between the two of you. We wanted that moment to be that experience,” exec producer Julie Plec tells EW. “When we talked to director Chris Grismer, we  just said, ‘Milk every single beat out of this that you can. It’s so much about what’s not being said. It’s so much about them just lying next to each other, the beauty and intimacy and sexual chemistry of just being near each other is what needs to be telling the story here. So take as long as you want, and shoot it as much as you want, and we’ll put it together from there.’ They definitely gave us everything we needed.” 

By the end of the episode, Elena had pulled back from Damon, even though the audience (along with Jeremy) had heard ghost Rose’s passionate plea for why she should choose Damon. So where does that leave us? With some hope for those rooting for Stefan. “Stefan was very, very gracious to encourage her to go on this road trip with Damon. His point of view, as he expressed to Alaric, is that all this work that I’ve done to get myself to be worthy of her and how much I care for her doesn’t matter if she has feelings for someone else. He’s allowing that room for her to explore that, which is a fairly magnanimous gesture for a dude, truthfully,” Plec says. “Elena, still being very confused about her feelings for Damon — which obviously exist, it’s just how does she want to define them — gets schooled by Caroline, who is proudly wearing her Team Stefan T-shirt at the beginning of this episode, metaphorically speaking. She’s basically saying, ‘You’re supposed to be exploring, so explore both sides. You and Stefan, in my opinion, are meant to be. So make sure that you explore him, too.’ That encourages Elena to reach out to Stefan and say, ‘Look, I don’t know what’s going on with us, or if anything can ever go on with us, but why don’t we give this one night a shot to just spend some time together.” (Will Stefan find out about Damon and Elena’s steamy makeout session? “Elena doesn’t keep it a secret. What gets said about it is part of the episode. It’s addressed but not addressed,” Plec  says.)
The night that Stefan and Elena spend together is, of course, the Roaring ’20s Decade Dance. “Damon comes in at an unfortunately romantically inopportune moment to say, ‘Fun’s over. We’ve got a problem.’ Damon is actually, like, a double c—blocker in this episode,’ now that I think about it,” Plec laughs. “There’s two moments where Damon interrupts something romantic accidentally.” The problem has to do with last week’s big Rebesther twist, in which Esther took over Rebekah’s body to get to Alaric (or Evilaric), who fetched the white oak stake that can kill an Original. “Last year at the decade dance, we had Alaric being possessed by Klaus though a bodyswapping spell. It felt poetic to bookend this year’s decade dance with the same trick,” Plec says. “Earlier in the season, we actually talked about having Esther take the form of somebody else, whether it be Bonnie or Rebekah, before we met her in present day. And then we ditched that plan early on, and came back around to it for this episode.” She doesn’t want to say too much, but she will tease this: ”That story line takes instantly a left turn right at the beginning of the episode. So everything everybody thinks they’re gonna see is actually different.” We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Candice Accola Teases Klaus and Tyler's Fight for Caroline at the Decade Dance

Two hot hybrids fighting for her heart—just another day in the life of Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)!

The Vampire Diaries fan favorite has found herself caught between boyfriend Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Original bad boy Klaus (Joseph Morgan) on the hit CW drama. And things will come to a deliciously dramatic head at the decade dance in this Thursday's episode when all three monsters are in the same tackily decorated high school gym at the same time.

Ever the cautious one when it comes to teases, Candice tells us, "Tyler does escort Caroline to the dance and Klaus also makes an appearance. We're going to see Caroline, Klaus and Tyler all in the same room and see what kind of tension builds within that trifecta."

So will we see the jealous sides of both hybrids come out at the decade dance? "It's safe to say that we will see both gentlemen one-up each other, but Caroline is very stuck on who she wants to be with," Accola says. "Caroline wants to be with Tyler." 

While viewers have been anxiously awaiting for the Tyler-Caroline-Klaus love triangle to come to a head, Candice says, "The viewers see it as a love triangle and it's definitely painted out to be one, but from Caroline's perspective it is very much Caroline and Tyler against this very big obstacle who just won't back down."
At least Klaroline fans can take comfort in the whole "won't back down" part of that? What can we say, we're glass-half-full kind of people.

While Caroline may not be hopping on the Klaus bandwagon (right now, anyway!), Candice says she can understand why some TVD fans want the blond vampire to hook up with the Original hybrid. (Their sizzling onscreen chemistry doesn't hurt!)
"I can see why viewers really like the idea of Klaus showing his softer side, and I think it ties back to Caroline in the first season saying, 'Why don't the boys ever choose me? I try so hard!' And here finally, the boy chose her! It just so happens to be the mass-murdering, evil boy who is making an army of murderers! [Laughs.] Maybe not the ideal boy to have chasing after her, so I think it's pretty funny. The boy's got an accent, let's be honest. And he draws very pretty pictures of Caroline with a horse, so if that doesn't do it, I don't know what will!"

Robert Ri'chard On Bonnie & Jamie in 3x20

Last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries focused on “Delena,” but the April 26 installment is all about “Beremy” — no wait, make that “Bamie.” Robert Ri’chard tells HollywoodLife that Jamie and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are “looking towards their future,” which begins with a date to the ’20s dance, and that Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) may have to be left in Bonnie’s past.
“Jamie is with her throughout the entire episode,” Robert says. “She’s protecting him, but he’s also protecting her. When you have that dynamic, where both people are looking out for each other, they’re bound to be drawn together romantically. We see that unfold in this episode.”
Of course, there are still plenty of unresolved issues between Bonnie and her ex. She dumped Jeremy when she caught him cheating on her with a ghost — only on The Vampire Diaries could that be a valid sentence — so you have to assume his return to Mystic Falls will create tension.
“It’s inevitable that Jamie and Jeremy will meet face to face,” Robert says. “But Bonnie and Jamie's relationship might be a little bit too much for Jeremy to stop.”
Robert adds that Jamie and Bonnie will grow closer as she introduces him to more of her world — which, unfortunately, includes her fight with the Originals.
“He’s right there with her as things transpire,” Robert says, which you can see in the preview clip below as Bonnie’s new boy toy has a nasty run-in with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Robert also promises a “crazy cliffhanger” with Bonnie, which might have something to do with the fact that she’s still wearing her outfit for the dance in the following episode.  And the fact that she’s bleeding from her neck.

New 3x20 'Do Not Go Gentle' Stills

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TV Guide Finale Scoop

How do you get rid of a threat you can't kill? The finale examines that question as the Salvatores search for a way to contain Klaus. The flashback-filled episode will also show that fateful day when Elena's parents' car crashed, but don't assume that the episode title, "The Departed," refers to their deaths. In fact, two main characters will be in grave danger and both will come out a bit "different" on the other side of their traumas. Oh, and yes, there will be an important kiss.


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More Rebesther To Come On Thursday Plus Stelena

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Steven McQueen Teases Finale

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Caroline & Tyler - Finale

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ISF Influence Affair

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is doing what he can to make the world a greener place. The actor and his namesake organization hosted The Influence Affair in Bel Air Saturday evening, the night before Earth Day 2012, in an effort to connect business leaders, change makers and visionaries to propel society toward "a better, kinder and greener future."

Somerhalder stopped by the THR Cover Lounge on Wednesday to discuss why he founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

"I realized as an adult it's not me, or you, or anyone running this camera or anyone sitting in this room who is going to actively make people change their minds, it's going to take a generation," he said. "The only way to do that is with the youth of the world."
The night at The Hadid Residence featured Sounds by DJ Josh LeCash and a live musical performance by Capital Cities. The event was also celebrating the Let's Get Dirty campaign, during which businesses, organizations and more than 2,000 schools participated in a massive clean-up effort.

“The coming together of like-minded individuals through action is what's needed to see wide spread change for us, our planet and its creatures, This event provides a platform for individuals who want to see tangible results through active collaboration between celebrities, business leaders and individuals.”

Ian on the red carpet...

Nina on the red carpet...


Claire on the red carpet...