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Zach Roerig talks relationships

I’d be lying if I said I never thought about The Vampire Diaries‘ noblest creature, Matt Donovan, testing the waters with one of Mystic Falls’ eligible cougars — and apparently, so has Zach Roerig! “Matt needs an older mentor to talk to, and he’s probably also lonely in a physical sense so I could see him turning to Sheriff Forbes or Carol Lockwood. He’s got some serious mommy issues.”
But because Matt’s too much of a decent human being — I doubt he’d actually hook up with his ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend’s moms, respectively — Zach’s got another potential lady friend in mind for Mystic Falls’ noblest creature:
“I don’t see Matt getting with any of the younger girls on the show at this point in time,” he says. “But if I could be guaranteed not to be killed for doing so, I could see Matt maybe hook up with Rebekah [Claire Holt]. Maybe she feeds on him a little and doesn’t kill him.”
Let’s talk more about Matt’s mommy issues. He’s living all alone in that crappy little house now, right?
“As far as we know, yeah. We haven’t seen it in a long time, though — just the garage. Actually, the house we used to film the exterior of Matt’s house burned down last year. So we won’t be returning to that anytime soon.”
Last week, I described Matt as being the “human Band-Aid” because he just comes in and makes everything better. Do you agree with that?
“Oh, maybe that was you! I was just saying in another interview that, after Caroline’s dad died, someone wrote that he was like a human Band-Aid. And I totally agree with that. That’s kind of the only thing he has going for him. That’s his super power. His super powers are instantly melting away people’s problems. He also has nothing to lose, so he’s kind of a wild card.”
Speaking of super powers, you said you were happy to be holding down “Team Human,” but could you ever see Matt switching teams?
“Actually, when Melinda Clarke was playing Matt’s mom, they were originally going to have her be a Succubus. And if she were a Succubus, that would make Matt a Succubi, which would happen when he matured to 18. I don’t know if your history serves you well enough to know, but Merlin was actually a Succubi.”
Oh, I didn’t know that.
“Yeah, me neither. Not until I looked it up.”
Matt would be more of a Succu-bro, anyway.
“Yeah, that’s probably true.”
So what about Matt and Tyler? Any chance their friendship will ever get back to what it once was?
“This is a very difficult time for Matt and Tyler. They’re always going to be friends, but Matt’s just now getting a handle on what he’s surrounded by. First Matt had to understand that Tyler was a werewolf, and how a hybrid. Matt’s always going to be understanding of Tyler’s problems, but I don’t think he’s going to trust him again.”
Torrey DeVitto, has said she’s always worried her character is going to get killed off. Do you have similar fears?
“I spent the better part of two years worrying about that. We used to joke around that this was likeSurvivor if you weren’t a vampire. But at this point, I’ve stopped worrying about it. You can’t worry about it — it’ll make you go crazy. And our writers are all cool and they keep us up to date. But Matt’s always got a chance of dying. Every situation he’s in presents a new chance for him to die.”
Matt’s drama is very much tied into everyone else’s. Will we see him get his own problems anytime soon?
“I think the only original drama you’ll see from Matt stems from his relationship with Elena — from when they were to kids to what they’ve matured into, and how they got there. If you remember, at the beginning of the series, you see Matt and Elena in the hallway, and you can tell they weren’t friends anymore. He’s probably got a chip on his shoulder from that, and he’s just starting to fully understand what’s happening.”
Does Matt have any college plans?
“I don’t know if Matt wants to go to Mystic Falls Community College, but I don’t think he’s got any other prospects.”
I have never seen him do any homework.
“Yeah. MFCC — that’s where Matt’s headed.”

Julie Plec Talks Offing Originals, Teases 'Major Jeopardy' for All by Season’s End

It seems as though you’re setting it up for the Originals to be killed off, all in one fell swoop. Is that an actual possibility?
Just mass Original annihilation? [Laughs] I can’t say too much about that without revealing the plan for the season, but if the villains on our show have proven anything, it’s that they have a durability that borders on supernatural. There are five Originals and an Original mama, and we’ll see who comes out the other side of it to tell the tale.
Esther mentioned that it would take time to kill Klaus. What exactly did she mean? 
The next episode takes place on a full moon, and we’ll learn that — like most things that take heavy-duty witch spells — there needs to be some sort of recurring celestial element attached to it. So, that’s what she meant.
Might Esther change her mind about dispatching her family since she clearly cares so much for the “moral” Elijah?
The fact that this massacre isn’t a done deal by the first minute of this episode means that it definitely has a lot of potential to go very right or very wrong in the next episode. But some major, major stuff goes down that will be interesting and surprising for the audience.
Why is the eldest Original, Finn, so willing to sacrifice himself?
If the “chip off the old block” theory applies to anyone on the series, it would be Finn as he relates to Mikael. As we know, their father had deep self-loathing and deep shame attached to vampirism, and Finn ultimately feels the same way.
Klaus was always said to be purely villain, and yet we now seem to be seeing a much more human side to him. Is this something that will continue?
I think that you can define “villain” in a lot of ways, and Klaus certainly is and will continue to be the provider of much antagonism and some very, very extreme jeopardy for our heroes. But no one is singularly just evil. He has got his own demons, his own wants, his own desires, and there are things that he’s never experienced that he wants in his own life, and I think that the two are not mutually exclusive. We could get a glimpse into what makes Klaus tick as a man without compromising his ability to wreak major havoc in this town.
In comparison, Damon seems to be getting back to his evil roots. How far do you plan to take that? And how will Elena react to his hook-up with Rebekah?
Elena is going to be pissed on multiple levels, but she also understand that in a way she sort of pulled the trigger on that. Damon has every right to be angry with her as well, and a lot of people are going to continue to be angry with each other as this unfolds in the next episode. The thing with Damon is, as we’ve seen, when he’s hurt, he lashes out, and in a way, this is the most cruel way he could have lashed out. But it also shows a peculiar evolution in him as a character. Rather than take it out on an innocent person on the road, he’s striking where it hurts the most — very specifically at Elena. By no means is it gentlemanly behavior, but certainly it was fun to watch. [Laughs]
When are we going to see Tyler again? And how is he going to react to this budding Klaus/Caroline relationship?
Tyler’s still going to be a little while on his journey of self-discovery and whatever it is that he’s doing. We’ll see him back in the spring. There’s nothing worse than going away and putting yourself through endless and eternal agony to break a bond to some guy, and then when you come back to town, you realize he’s been putting the moves on your girl. I can’t imagine that’s going to go over well.
Speaking of Klaus and Caroline, can you talk a little about how, if at all, that’s going to develop?
I can’t really say where it’s heading or if it’s heading more so than for us it’s fun to explore that side of Klaus, seeing a vulnerability and a romantic vulnerability, because it’s giving a window into him a little bit. What we love is watching Caroline, who in the beginning of the series, before she was a vampire, was desperate to be chosen by anyone, and now the king of all evil vampires has plucked her from obscurity and bestowed upon her his affection… We certainly find Klaus to be irresistible as well.
What about the relationship that is clearly developing between Elijah and Elena? Did the writers, at some point, realize that this was more than just a “working relationship”?
Yeah, absolutely. The whole character of Elijah has been such a glorious surprise to us as writers, because… Daniel Gillies and what he’s brought to the character… has fed into what we want to give to the character. Of course, when we decided that there needed to be a big, bad, evil vampire in the middle of last season, and that paved the way to the introduction of Klaus, in a million years never would we have said, “Oh, and then one day he’ll have this magnificent and lovely friendship with Elena!” And yet, that has evolved over the course of a season and a half's worth of stuff. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah and her concern that in signing his death sentence, maybe she’s made a mistake.
Is there any chance Elijah didn’t actually take a drink during the toast?
Zero. Everyone drank, I can put that to bed now.
What’s ahead for Rebekah? 
Rebekah’s going to have bigger fish to fry than going after Matt again in the next episode or two, with her mother trying to see her dead and her indiscretions with Damon Salvatore.
How about a little scoop on what’s coming up with the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle?
Obviously, we’re at a little bit of a crossroads with Elena and the boys. A lot of what we’re going to start to see is the question for Elena… We’ll really be exploring her point of view for the rest of the season. Certainly, I can say that you’re not going to get to the end of the season without all three of them understanding that a choice needs to be made some way or the other.
Should we anticipate some signature Vampire Diaries deaths by season’s end?
Many of our characters are going to come face-to-face with their maker at some point before the season is over. But whether they meet and shake the hand and get dragged away with their maker is a whole other question. There are going to be a lot of moments where we’re not going to be sure who’s really safe and who’s going to see it through… But there’s definitely going to be some jeopardy by season’s end.

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Vampire Diaries 3x15 Webclip

Little sneek peek at 3x15...

Vampire Diaries 3x15 Promos

Short Promo...

Extended Promo...

Canadian Promo...

Vampire Diaries 3x14 Song List

Ep 14 - 'Dangerous Liasons'

The Heavy - "Short Change Hero"
Mates Of State - "At Least I Have You"
 Hurts "Devotion"
Trent Dabbs "Wrap My Mind Around You"
Ed Sheeran "Give Me Love"
Sugar & The Hi Lows - "Stubborn Lover"
The Daylights - "Weapons"
She Wants Revenge - "Up In Flames"

Torrey promises Meredith’s drama is ‘about to come to a head.’

Torrey DeVitto has a little ritual she does every time she gets a new Vampire Diaries script: ”I flip through really fast to see: Am I dead yet? No? OK, great, I’ll start from the beginning now.” But as one of the only fully human characters remaining on the show, she knows her days are numbered. “It’s kind of inevitable. How long can I really last on this crazy, supernatural show? I’m just thankful I’ve lasted this long.
Dating Alaric (Matt Davis) certainly isn’t helping Meredith’s chances of surviving in Mystic Falls — let’s not forget what happened about to Jenna (Sara Canning) and Isobel (Mia Kirshner) — but Torrey doesn’t care. She’s fully behind Meredith and Alaric’s rapidly evolving romance.
“I think there’s consequences to every relationship on this show,” she admits. “There are so many components mess them up. It’s hard to maintain a normal, healthy relationship. But I think their relationship is building in a cool way. I like these characters together, I think they work really well. I’m always excited to see where they’re going next.”
And as long as there’s breath in Meredith’s lungs, Torrey says we’ll continue to find out more surprises about her character.
“She’s got her secrets, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s about to come to a head,” Torrey says. "You’ll start to learn more and more about her every episode. Her being a Fell will definitely play into the drama. She’s a really cool, strong, straightforward character that I really like to portray.”
She also likes the changes that Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have made to her character, who was very different in L.J. Smith‘s original Vampire Diaries books.
“I actually auditioned for the pilot, and when Paul booked it, I went to Borders and bought the whole series,” she recalls. “It was so long ago that I didn’t remember specifics about Meredith, but I did remember her. She’s definitely different on the show, and that’s why I didn’t revisit the books. I didn’t want to get conflicted views in my head.”

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Candice Accola on Caroline's Feelings for Klaus and Tyler's Whereabouts

When you read the script for “Our Town” and saw the Klaus/Caroline scene, what was your reaction?
Even though we don’t really know what is going to happen, sometimes you get very vague plot points. The writers say, “This is a possibility that we’re looking into.” There’s been a thousand plot points that have never come to fruition, but this one has kind of been tossed around. We’ll see. The characters are just so unlikely [together]. What I love about it is that it does very much harken back [to Season 1] when [Caroline] sits down with Bonnie and is like, “Why does Elena always get the guy? Why is it never me? I try so hard. Why isn’t it ever me?” So it’s a funny thing. Now, finally, Caroline is catching the eye of the guy, but he just so happens to be the evil, bad guy. [Laughs] She finally got what she wanted, but not really in the way that she wanted it.
How is Caroline feeling about Klaus at this point?
Caroline has a lot of resentment towards Klaus because of the fact that he turned Tyler into a hybrid, and Tyler is now sired to him. He took away something that Caroline really loved and that really can’t be given back. So she’s very angry with him. She’s very resentful of him. But Caroline and Klaus haven’t interacted a lot, so I think she’s also aware of how powerful he is. She has to steer clear. … Caroline hasn’t been in the thick of all the big major plotting going on. But now that she has been hurt as a result of Klaus turning Tyler, she is now on board to bring him down.
But they share a dance in this week’s episode.
There is a dance. There are pictures floating around of Caroline and Klaus dancing, but what brings them to dance, we haven’t seen that. What results from the dance, we haven’t seen yet. And whether there’s an ulterior motive or not within the dance, we haven’t seen yet.
Could you see this relationship evolving into a real romance?
There’s a possibility for anything and everything. The fact that Klaus and Caroline have even been put on the table to begin with shows there really is a possibility for anything.
One of the concerns about a potential Klaus/Caroline relationship is, what would it say about Caroline, considering he’s threatened her friends and family? Is that something she’s struggling with? 
Caroline is definitely not viewing Klaus as the nice guy. She’s not like, “Ooh! He’s got an edge!” She knows he’s an extreme, evil killer. But at the same time, Caroline recognizes and learns from even just being around Katherine that… you can’t back down. You can’t show fear. You can’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner. You have to stand up and be strong. She’s been watching characters like Katherine or Damon or Stefan and seeing how they really do have a backbone. You have to fake it even if you are scared. That’s what we’re going to see in Caroline as well.
Are you getting to share any scenes with the other Original characters now?
Um… [Pauses] Yes.
Anything else you can share?
No. [Laughs]
Where’s Tyler? We haven’t seen him for a couple of episodes.
He has gone to work on himself [and] to learn how he can not fall prey to [having been] sired so he can take control back over his life. It’s because of Klaus that Tyler even bit Caroline to begin with. In order to fight for her and fight for himself, he’s taking the time to learn how to not be controlled by Klaus.
What are you most excited about with the upcoming episodes?
I’m excited for the fans to be just as thrown as I was with what the writers have in store. I’m excited for the big ball [airing this week]. Everyone’s been stressing how beautiful it is. … It’s going to be a history lesson, and we’re going to be introduced to some new characters. There’s a flashback episode coming up. A lot of really great things [will happen] leading up to the [season] finale, which at this point, I have no idea where the writers are going to take it. But they really put themselves in a beautiful, beautiful position of open opportunities to just shock the hell out of audiences.

Julie Plec on 'Dangerous Liasons' and Rest of Season 3

Could we ever see a spin-off series about The Originals?
“Well, I mean, look. We love these characters so much and we have a lot of stories to tell for them, so it’s really more a matter of somebody else’s desire to give them their own forum, more than our desire to write for them.”
Are we starting to see more humanity in Klaus, in a Damon sort of way?
“I think that you can define ‘villain’ in a lot of ways, and Klaus certainly is and will continue to be the provider of much antagonism and some very, very extreme jeopardy for our heroes, but no one is singularly just evil. He has got his own demons; his own wants, his own desires, and there are things that he’s never experienced that he wants in his own life, and I think that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, so we could get a glimpse into what makes Klaus tick as a man, without compromising his ability to wreak major havoc in this town.”
How soon will we be seeing Tyler (Michael Trevino) again?
“Tyler’s still going to be a little while, doing his journey of self-discovery and whatever it is that he’s doing. We’ll see him back in the Spring.”
Do you think Elena cares for Elijah and sees that he’s a good person?
“Some major, major stuff goes down that will be interesting and surprising for the audience.”
Do you see that there’s more there than just a working relationship?
“Yeah. Absolutely. The whole character of Elijah – and I’ve said this before, but I can’t say it enough – has been such a glorious surprise to us as writers, because it’s really been as much of Daniel Gillies and what he’s brought to the character, that has fed into what we want to give to the character. So of course, when we decided that there needed to be a Big Bad Evil Vampire in the middle of last season, that paved the way to the introduction of Klaus, in a million years, never would we have said ‘Oh! And then one day he’ll have this magnificent and lovely friendship with Elena!’ You know? And yet, that has evolved over the course of a season and a half worth of stuff for Elijah and for Daniel. So we kind of like to watch it as it happens, more than we even like to lay the map for them, because they bring so much to it. And then we are able to play with that a little bit. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah.”
What’s up with Matt?
“Matt’s in a wonderful situation right now, where he finds himself right smack in the epicenter of everybody else’s business. And there he is – the guy that’s always kind of been on the periphery, now finding the fact that he’s the human, the good friend, the nice guy, the gentleman with the varsity jacket… and he’s right there in the middle of a lot of attention from a lot of people, and I think that ultimately, the power of his abiliy to be a friend, and to be there, certainly for Elena, in times that are need that are even yet to come… will keep showing us that part of Matt that, screentime be damned, is one of the fundamentally most important characters in the show, in what he represents, in that he is that guy who is just trying to get through life, and maybe get out of this town one day, and maybe have a normal life, free of vampires, and ghosts, and the supernatural, which essentially, is kind of what we wish for all our characters. It’s just not that all of them are going to be able to achieve it.”
Will we be seeing Jeremy again this season?
“You know, it’s so funny. I will tell you this. I had calls from some casting directors, basically being like ‘Do you realize that all of your actors’ representatives are putting them up for pilot season?’ And I said, ‘that’s so tragic!’ They’ve all gotten to the point where they’re like, ‘well, you don’t really know how this is gonna go, so we may as well get our backup plan.’ We will see Jeremy before the season’s over. That’s about all I can say on that.”
Are we going to see the Original Petrova anytime soon?
“That’s not something that we have any intentions of exploring this season. It depends on how many Originals are around to tell the tale when all is said and done. If there are any standing, maybe that’s a story we’ll tell one day.”
And Katherine?
“Katherine – homegirl’s MIA, man. She’s smarter than to get herself caught up in all of this mess.”
What’s coming up for the Stefan/Damon/Elena love triangle?
“Obviously, we’re at a little bit of a crossroads with Elena and the boys. I think a lot of what we’re going to start to see is the question for Elena, which is ‘here’s this person that I loved, and still love in my mind, so much, and here’s this friend that I have made, that has this friendship that has gone complicated. And at the middle of it all, I’m still that girl who is not entirely sure that she’s supposed to be in love with any vampires, much less two.’ So we’ll really be exploring her point of view a lot for the rest of the season, and certainly I can say that you’re not going to get to the end of the season without all three of them understanding that a choice needs to be made.”
Is there any possibility that Elena’s parents aren’t definitely dead?
“You know what, this is another of the things that ‘never say never,’ but if it turns out Elena’s parents aren’t dead, that will probably be when I’m in retirement on a beach in Hawaii, and somebody else will be on [the show]. It could happen, I guess. But no. In my mind, Elena’s parents are dead. It was a human accident, and a human tragedy, and as we know, the night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life. That was kind of the beginning of their love story. I would certainly like to return to that night at some point, and know more about it. So, we’ll see if and when that happens.”
How would you describe “Dangerous Liaisons” (the Feb. 9 episode) to someone who hasn’t seen it?
“Elena finds herself on the arm of two tuxedoed Salvatores. Klaus attempts a Cinderella seduction. And the Original Mother reveals she has big plans in store for her beloved children.”
Is some death on the way?
“Certainly, many of our characters are going to come face-to-face with their maker. At some point before the season is over, and the question is whether they meet and shake the hand and get dragged away with their maker is a whole other question, but there’s going to be a lot of moments where we’re not going to be sure who’s really safe and who’s going to see it through.”
Do you have to kill someone?
“Well, Kevin is convinced that you always have to kill somebody. He writes about serial killers. You know, we don’t kill just because we feel like we should, but we also don’t let people live just because they’re part of the family. That’s one of the great, sad tragedies of our job, not being able to say ‘oh, we love you, and therefore you’ll be with us forever.’ But by no means is there a rule that says ‘oh, in Episode 22 we’re checkin’ one more of these guys off the list.’ But there’s definitely going to be some jeopardy by season’s end.”

Julie Plec Teases Cassidy Freemans Role and 1912

“I haven’t seen it. I’ve only heard that she’s awesome,” Julie says about Cassidy’s TVD premiere. “Cassidy Freeman’s character is a vampire that we’ll meet in our 16th episode, which is the first episode in March. The episode is called ’1912,’ and it is a time about a hundred years ago that I like to call as when Damon was still the Damon that walked out the door in a huff of disappointment and piousness, when his brother was out of control in 1864, and somewhere between 1864 and the pilot episode, Damon became the Damon that we know and love, and this episode kind of gives us a little glimpse into that, and what this character Sage, played by Cassidy, had to do with it, she teases.
“She’s ballsy, and sexy, and dynamic. It’s a fun character,” Julie adds. When asked if Sage will be showing up in the present day, she wasn’t able to hide her answer, saying “yes” to everyone in attendance.
Julie also told us more about the episode Cassidy premieres in, which, as mentioned above, is called “1912.” First, she was asked if the episode will explore some history between Damon and Original family member Kol as hinted in “Dangerous Liaisons.”
“When we did this episode, that was our intention, to have them cross in a very sort of fun ‘wait, who was that guy?’ kind of moment, but the story went in a different direction,” Julie says. “But yeah. We had a whole great Damon-Kol bar night out, brawl kind of drunk, don’t remember any of you, but in our drunk night brotherhood, we had a moment, but we didn’t end up going down that road.” When asked if the recent popular PBS series Downton Abbey was an inspiration, Julie confirmed that she had been watching. “You know, it’s funny. When we were trying to pick the era for when we wanted this flashback, I had just been watching Downton Abbey Seasons 1 and 2 in this obsessive marathon, and I thought ‘well, everybody looked so good in 1912. Dresses are so pretty! Men are so handsome’!”

Six Things You Need To Know About 'Dangerous Liasons'

Damon gets his neck snapped -- but the real surprise is who commissioned the rather violent (if temporary) kill. Later, Elena says something to him that hits him pretty hard, and definitely changes things between them. By the end of the episode, Damon has his old swagger back, big time. He may not quite be the Damon we met in the pilot, but he's got some of that sexy recklessness back, and it's about time, if we do say so ourselves.

Klaus/Caroline fans, you're going to have a lot to sink your teeth into this week
, as the two vamps spend considerable time together -- he even shares some of his hobbies with her. Yes... apparently he's a true artist, when he's not slaughtering entire towns and stuff. Still, despite Tyler's absence from the episode, we never doubt for a moment that Caroline loves him. Well, maybe one moment. Or two. (There are even some fun moments between her and Matt, for those of us who still keep that candle burning. Dimly. In a hidden corner.)

Meet the (other) Originals!
 A few more family secrets are revealed -- the least of which being that their last name is Mikaelson. We'll get to know Kol a little better and we've got a feeling you're going to love-to-hate him as much as we do. Let's jut say he messes with someone we love... but he looks damn good doing it. As for Finn, he remains rather enigmatic, but Julie Plec tells us he shared his father's self loathing and hatred of vampires, and we'll see how that plays out over the next few episodes. The ever-mysterious Original witch will make her true plans known. Yes, like everyone else in Mystic Falls, she's got a hidden agenda. Also like everyone else in Mystic Falls, she needs Elena to pull it off.

Bonnie doesn't appear in the episode, but we do find out a bit of information about her
 and Abby that puts them smack in the middle of the mythology, and not just as plot devices. (We're pretty sick of the vampires using the witches as pawns in their vampire games at this point.) Turns out, the Bennett witches aren't just witches. Their ancestry has been intertwined with the Originals' for thousands of years, and the revival of Esther will bring them even further into the fold in upcoming episodes.

Matt remains phenomenal
. Someone is plotting to kill him throughout the episode, but he's more gentlemanly than ever, even in the face of obvious jeopardy. There's a great moment toward the end that Julie says is a bit of a shout out to the Matt fans -- and specifically to @Matt_Donovan1 on twitter. (We had ourselves a nice little chuckle.) There seems to be some potential for a relationship between Matt and Rebekah, and he'll make a decision on that before the end of the episode. We're just impressed that he thinks he has any say in it at all.

We haven't forgotten about you, Stefan fans
. Elena is caught in a virtual tug-of-war throughout the episode (at one point, they literally each have her by the arm). The question, as always, is whether Stefan can find it in himself to care about Elena -- and whether or not she still wants him to care about her at this point. That will pretty much be answered by the end of the hour. Per usual, Paul Wesley's performance will give you goose bumps.

Ian Somerhalder says Damon needs his mojo back

Say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries' love-struck Damon Salvatore.
Throughout two-and-a-half seasons of The CW series, viewers have seen Damon (Ian Somerhalder) go from the cocky bad boy who will kill anyone anywhere to a more vulnerable vampire who finally shared his deep-rooted romantic feelings for Elena (Nina Dobrev). But Somerhalder says Damon is over showing that side of him and ready to return to his old ways.

"You'll start to really see Damon shift from being repressed and stomped on to really making a shift and getting back this mojo he had," Somerhalder told "He realizes, 'I could cut my losses and move forward and be OK.'"
Chatting with the star, he admitted that he's pretty sure there's nothing Damon could do to truly sway Elena into reciprocating his feelings. "I think Matt, Tyler or even the family dog would have a better chance at getting Elena than Damon would," he said. "The thing that this man has done to this poor teenage girl is an insurmountable amount of bad and I can't foresee her turning unless he could get her away from vervain and compel her to forget everything he's ever done. Killing somebody's brother is totally the best way to say I love you! I think she's probably done with the Salvatore brothers for a while."

As Klaus (Joseph Morgan) pointed out in the recent episode "Bringing Out the Dead," the worst thing for Elena might just be the company of either Salvatore brother. "What each of them has done is unforgivable. It's time for her to move on," Morgan added. And we all know how Damon likes to "move on" — get naked and sudsy with lots of women. "Damon, no matter who he gets it from, needs his mojo back," Somerhalder says. "He's been pining for Katherine and pining for Elena — Damon's not a piner! He needs to stop falling for the Roses of the world and get back to doing what he does best." And what he does best is what Somerhalder says he's most excited for fans to see in upcoming episodes: "Damon back to that Season 1 Damon, the Damon that really had righteous reasons but ill intentions and that's why we loved him."

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Zach Roerig Interview

Well, sort of. We chatted with Zach Roerig last week and he revealed that to prepare for Thursday's glamorous ball episode, the cast took formal dancing lessons. 

When we ask him when Matt would've had time to brush up on his waltzing skills, Zach scoffs. 

"Matt Donovan is a jack of many trades!" he laughs. "Do you know how many books Matt reads? What else is he doing with his time? The only reason Matt is so polite - he's never had a father figure, no one to lead by example - so the way I see it, Matt obviously has read Emily Post's Guide to Etiquette. He hangs out in the break room at the Grill and teaches himself to dance. Clearly."

In last week's episode, Klaus suggested that Elena's ideal match might not be either of the Salvatores, but might instead be Matt. Don't worry, Stelena and Delena shippers -- Zach tells us that for now, Matt remains squarely in the Friend Zone. 

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Vampire Diaries 3x18 Casting News

Linds Edwards (The Walking Dead) has been cast as the role of Kenny in TVD.
He will make his first appearance in 3x18.

Vampire Diaries on EW cover & stars talk about the red-hot Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle

Somehow, for a series packed with vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids (and yes, even the occasional ghost), it’s a love triangle between two undead brothers, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley), and one very mortal girl, Elena (Nina Dobrev), that gets The Vampire Diaries fans the most riled up.

When executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec decided that they were finally ready for bad-boy Damon to share a legitimate kiss with Elena — after more than two years of buildup — they knew it would have to satisfy two avid fan bases: those who wanted to see Elena get with Damon, and those who were still holding out hope for her to work things out with soul mate, Stefan.

“It’s one of those things that you want to be able to defend,” Williamson explains to EW. “But even more importantly, you’d rather not defend it. You want it to feel real and right and natural by all the audience.” Satisfying the “shippers” (a term used to identify fans who root for fictional characters to have relationships), is a challenge both Williamson and Plec have faced each time they’ve tried to advance the triangle. Asks Plec: “How can we service this moment between our characters that we really want, a Damon and Elena kiss, without getting the Stefan-Elena side of the fandom to give up hope and give up on us? And vice versa, when we want Stefan and Elena to have a moment together, how can we do that and not have our Delena fans outraged?”

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Candice Accola & Joseph Morgan on Klaus & Caroline

While we have photographic evidence of Klaus and Caroline tearing up on the dance floor in Thursday's highly-anticipated episode , Accola plays it coy when we ask for details. "That may or may not have occurred: Caroline and Klaus dancing at a ball or they could have super-imposed our heads onto different bodies very easily. You never know."
When we point out that Caroline seems to be wearing the diamond bracelet (nice choice, Klaus!), the O.G. hybrid gave her for her birthday, Accola once again toys with us, the naughty minx. "Caroline may or may not have been wearing the bracelet that Klaus gave her or picked up her own version at Claire's to be like, 'You can't buy me because I can buy my own bracelet!'"
What a tease! All kidding aside, Accola says, "Caroline and Klaus will be dancing at the ball together and we shall see if that is something that they both want or if it's not" and while she's not yet sure what is  going to happen between the two, she assures fans of that pairing that the writers are "not just zipping through that storyline." Phew!
Morgan admits he was a bit surprised by the intense fan response that the first Klaus and Caroline scene elicited. "I expected a reaction, but it's been pretty amazing," he says. "I watched it in my hotel room, but the TV was kind of crappy, so I wanted to watch it again. I looked it up the next day to see if it was on YouTube and what I found was pages and pages of fan videos of like 'Klaroline' or 'Carolaus.' It was kind of amazing how people latched onto that."
While Accola tells us, "I think there's definitely the possibility for a romantic relationship to happen between those two," Morgan isn't as optimistic, saying, "I think it's going to be a stretch for her to forgive him for everything that he's done." Hey, this is Mystic Falls, crazier things have happened.
As for Forwood fans, prepare to wait it out as Tyler will be MIA from Mystic Falls for a few episodes, you know, as one is after almost killing his girlfriend and then his girlfriend's father in the span of 24 hours. "Tyler is definitely realizing that he needs to work on himself," Accola explains of the hybrid's absence. "He has decided to separate himself from the people that he loves so he doesn't hurt them anymore.”