Friday, 22 March 2013

Daniel Gillies On Elijah's Return

In next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Elijah is back. “There’s been a lot of talk about what I’m returning for and to do,” Daniel Gillies says. The episode’s synopsis simply states that Elena has a “surprising encounter” with Elijah in Pennsylvania, where she and Rebekah are headed in their search for Katherine and the cure. “All I can say is tune in,” Gillies says, “because Elijah’s gonna shock and possibly even horrify a few. In fact, I’ll say he’s gonna horrify many. But franky, I don’t care. I think what he’s doing is wonderful.”

Exec producer Julie Plec is even more vague: “The first glimpse of Elijah, your heart explodes, you’re so happy to see him. And he is quintessential Elijah, dressed in his beautiful suit with his lovely demeanor, and, as always, trying to find ways to keep Klaus in his place and keep his family together.” (That’s also what Elijah will be doing in the April 25 episode, which serves as the backdoor pilot for the Originals spinoff.)


4x18 'American Gothic' Webclip

Vampire Diaries 4x17 Song List

Ep 17 'Because The Night'

Talking Heads "Psycho Killer"
Harper Blynn "Psycho Killer"
New Cassettes "Bite Your Lip"
The Handys "Loudmouth"
Rookie "Shut Up And Dance"
The Young Werewolves "Evil Soul"
Dead Sara "Ask The Angels"
Dead Sara "Lemon Scent"
The Godz "In Search Of An Audience"
The Ramones "Let's Dance"
The Quiet Kind "Arms and Enemies"
Kopecky Family Band "Heartbeat"

4x18 'American Gothic' Extended Promo

4x18 'American Gothic' Short Promo

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vampire Diaries Bite - 20th March 2013

Spoiler From TV Guide - 19th March 2013

I can't believe Klaus and Haley hooked up! Will that continue on The Vampire Diaries spin-off?
Not so fast. While we loved the fact that Klaus finally got some, Joseph Morgan says this is not a story line that will continue on The Originals. "Because we were the first people cast — myself, Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin — it's easy to assume that it'll be a love triangle with Haley and the two brothers, but it's something so utterly different," Morgan says, adding, "That would be a cheap shot to have a carbon copy of The Vampire Diaries, which the spin-off really isn't." Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Spoiler From TV Line - 20th March 2013

Got any scoop about The Vampire Diaries?

Elena will do just about anything to find the cure, and that includes going to first base with [spoiler].

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

4x17 'Because The Night' Webclip 2

Spoiler From Zap2it - 18th March 2013

The last time we saw Bonnie, she was scaring us more than a little. Is she really willing to go full-villain and bring back all the evil vampires, witches, werewolves, and who-knows-what-else just to reanimate the small handful of good ones? "Well, she could. She's at a fork int the road, and that is definitely one of the prongs in the road," says executive producer Julie Plec. "Definitely, we haven't seen the height of intensity of Bonnie's storyline yet. This Shane/Silas person has an enormous amount of control over Bonnie. Shane as a human, Professor Shane, with no supernatural abilities whatsoever, was able to get such a strong hold on Bonnie that she came to believe she couldn't control her own magic without him. Now that you add a supernatural component to that, it becomes really extreme and really severe."