Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Originals Spoiler From TV Guide - 16th July 2013

Anything on The Originals?

We'll soon find out that Katherine wasn't the only woman who came between Klaus and Elijah. Back in the 1800s, Klaus was entangled with a stunning Creole woman named Celeste, who also had a fondness for Elijah, who wasn't as busy as his brother keeping the residents of New Orleans in check. I'm sure that'll end well!

Vampire Diaries Spoiler From TV Guide - 16th July 2013

Please tell me you have some Damon or Stefan scoop on The Vampire Diaries!

How about both? One of Stefan's numerous exes will pop up this season... with a vengeance. Tessa is a fellow vampire, natch, and she's spent centuries hunting down the Salvatores. She'll first tangle with Damon, whose daylight ring will conspicuously go missing in her presence — and that's really bad.