Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Originals - Spoiler From E! Online - 29th October 2014

I'm so excited to see Nina Dobrev on The Originals!

Probably not as excited as we are, especially after we spoke with Joseph Morgan about how the original doppelganger Tatia affected Klaus and Elijah all those years ago. "We're really grateful to Nina for coming over to The Originals and for allowing us to finally tell that story," Morgan said. "I think it needed to be told. It definitely had a huge impact on who the brothers are today and their family in general. Klaus and Elijah both were certainly interested and invested in Tatia because they both loved her. It's absolutely going to give us more insight into their relationship because we're going to see how that love changed their family and how it all played out. The story that they told back on The Vampire Diaries is not exactly what went down and now we're going to find out what really happened."

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