Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Vampire Diaries - Spoiler From TV Line - 18th September 2015

I really want to know how Stefan will show his game to seduce Caroline on The Vampire Diaries!

Good question. So good, in fact, that we posed it to Paul Wesley and got this response: “He’s going to be sort of the same loving guy he’s been for the past six seasons — except when he was ripping people’s heads off. Man, Stefan’s killed a lot of people. Everyone on the show has. If you think about it, pretty much everybody on this show is a murder. Isn’t that wild?” Wesley’s tangent aside, it sounds like he’ll use the same tactics he did on Elena back in Season 1, but he’s definitely got his work cut out for him. “Caroline wants to be with Stefan, but she’s also trying to do the right thing by herself, taking the time to mourn her mother’s death so she can enter into this relationship with a clean state and a free mind. The heart wants what it wants when it wants it, so we’ll see moments where’s she’s struggling, wanting to say something but not knowing what to say.”

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