Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Vampire Diaries - Spoilers From TV Line - 25th September 2015

Vampire Diaries‘ Steroline shippers need to know if Stefan and Caroline will be together in the future timeline. Thank you!
Things are quite dire in the Oct. 8 premiere’s flash forwards, so romance isn’t really the priority. That said, Caroline and Stefan share plenty of screentime — and a few awkward, loaded silences — back in present day Mystic Falls.

Any positive Vampire Diaries spoilers you can give us on future Bonnie/Damon scenes?
Would you consider Bonnie playing chaperon to the vampire and Alaric’s drunken European adventures “positive”? How about Damon calling her his best friend? (Somewhere, Alaric is crying into his booze.)

Did The Vampire Diaries cast young Giusepe? I saw this pic on Annie Wersching’s IG profile. The actor in the pic is John Charles Meyer, and he looks really a lot like Old Giusepe. 
A show rep confirms that Meyer – whose recent TV credits include Hawaii Five-0and Mom – will be playing the Salvatore boys’ dad in flashbacks, in Episode 7.

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